Here is a list of some of the many features of the Web Shop Solution Shopping Cart:
  • The cart is very easy to install and easy to configure for your website
  • Each cart license comes with unlimited technical support via email
  • The merchant and the shopper each get an email receipt at the conclusion of a successful order
  • There are 9 different ways to have shipping calculated in the cart
  • Merchants can use either a select menu or radio buttons to display payment options and shipping options
  • Sales tax rates and locations are easy to manage and there are 6 sales tax options
  • Multiple discount features are available including a "Volume Discount Pricing" feature can be used in product forms or HREF links
  • Never lose an order! Every order can be recorded to backup files on your server in addition to the email receipts the cart sends out.
  • The cart can track shoppers with or without cookies, and works in browsers with or without javascript enabled
  • Merchants can make up to 9 separate payment options available to shoppers, including up to 4 different real-time credit card processors
  • The cart works with a growing list of real-time credit card processors including CSI, InternetSecure, Cambist, Paypal, Verisign and Worldpay.
  • The cart allows merchants to ask shoppers "How did you find our store?" using either a select menu or radio buttons.
  • No link to www.bluegalaxy.info/webshopsolution is required on the cart pages.
  • A Web Shop Solution Shopping cart license is a one time charge and there are no recurring fees.
  • There are no limits to the number or types of products that you can sell.
  • There are two email receipt templates available with the possibility of more to come in the future.
  • The features of the cart are very well documented and support is always available if you have any questions.
  • The cart accepts HTML product forms and HREF links as input.
  • You can use forms, links or even your own product database displays to sell your products.
  • Comes with a password protected merchant "back-end" that allows merchants to manage their cart and use diagnostic features.
  • Designed with security in mind, the cart can run in either http or secure https modes.
  • A "Preview Checkout" page can be enabled so that shoppers can review their order before clicking the final submit button.
  • Shoppers' payment and shipping option choices can be remembered the first time they enter the cart contents page.
  • The cart allows the use of coupon codes and gift certificates.
  • Shipping and billing addresses can be stored in a cookie so return shoppers don't have to type that info every time.
  • The cart supports complicated "Multi-item" forms that allow more than one product to be added to the cart with one click.
  • Merchants can use their own website logo, fonts and colors to make the cart look and feel just like the rest of their website.
  • The cart has a "Cart Summary" feature that can be included on any webpage that can parse an SSI (Server Side Include) tag.
  • Once installed, the cart has a working built-in product form example that you can copy and paste into any webpage.
  • The cart can send out email using sendmail on Unix based servers and Blat on Windows servers
  • Any of the cart's submit buttons can be replaced with your own graphic submit buttons.
  • All the language and text that the cart uses can be easily customized or edited.
  • The cart can be translated into any language.
  • Merchants can set the currency they want the cart to use.

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