Demonstration Forms

The following forms demonstrate just a few of the many ways you can display and sell products on your website with the Web Shop Solution Cart. Each form on this page comes with an "About This Form" link that will create a pop-up window where you can view the source HTML that was used to create the form as well as some notes about the form. Feel free to play with these forms and add these fake products to the cart. :)

About This Form About This Form About This Form
Incredible Widget
An astonishing archeological discovery!
Price: $1.75

Stylish Men's Tie
Old Price: $21
On sale now for $15

Add gold plated tie clip?

Choose your pattern.

Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt
Right out of the hit movie!
Price: $18
Choose your size:

About This Form

5-Day Getaway to Greece
(As seen in our brochure. Package #287a)
Price: $1,999 for one person; $2,999 per couple
Air fare and hotel accommodations included. See brochure for complete details.
One person
Two people

About This Form

Buy 2 pounds of Premium Coffee - Get a Free Mug!
Choose the color of your FREE coffee mug:

Choose two pounds of coffee using the select menus below:
Don't forget to choose which grind you want. When you have made your selections, click the "Buy Now" button to add the coffee to your cart.

Pound #1:

Pound #2:

View Cart

About This Form

Custom Photo Prints Package

Volume Discount Pricing:
$3.00 each for 1 or more.
$2.50 each if you purchase 10 or more.
$2.00 each if you purchase 20 or more.
$1.00 each if you purchase 100 or more.

How many 3x5 prints do you want:

About This Form
Gift Basket with Roses
Price: $50.00 (includes delivery)
Plus $1.00 per Rose

Add chocolates?:

Number of roses:
Recipient Shipping Address: (required)

Type special message for loved one here:

About HREF Links

Adding products to the cart using HREF links:

Click this picture to add the candles to the cart. Click the photo to add the candles to the cart.
Set of five candles
Price: $9.95
Add this item to the cart to get a coupon for $5.00 of your entire order.

Set of five candles
Price: $9.95
Buy Now

Upsell using HREF links:
To see an example of upselling using HREF links, add this PacMan Collection video game to the cart.
About Using Server Side Includes About This Form About This Form
As seen above, the Web Shop Solution Cart can be called via a Server Side Include (SSI) on a web page to show your shoppers a summary of their basket contents.
Add multiple products to the cart with one click!

Enya - Shepherd Moons $13.95
Enya - Watermark $13.95
Enya - The Celts $12.95
Would you like to give a donation?
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