A customizable, secure, easy-to-use
shopping cart system for your online store.

The Web Shop Solution Cart is a feature rich Perl shopping cart system designed to help merchants easily create secure and reliable online stores. It was designed to:
  • Make shopping easy and convenient for your customers
  • Make setup and maintenence of the cart easy and convenient for the merchant
  • Make customization of the cart easy and flexible for the web designer
  • Increase your web sales and profits!
The Web Shop Solution Cart was designed for maximum flexibility and customization. It can be easily plugged into any website, allowing you to quickly begin selling all kinds of products online. No knowledge of Perl or programming is necessary. The cart is very easy to install. All that is required to use the Web Shop Solution Cart is a website where you can run CGI Perl scripts, an FTP program to upload your cart files, a web browser, and a plain text editor such as WordPad or NotePad (or SimpleText if you have a Mac). Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Up against a deadline? Have no e-commerce experience or don't have confidence using an FTP program to upload files? No worries. Installation is available. We can have your shopping cart set up and customized to your website the same day that you order. Excellent, responsive online technical support is included with every shopping cart purchase.

Here are just a few of the Web Shop Solution Cart's many features:
  • The cart fits into existing websites, requiring no major changes to your site. The look of the cart is very customizable, allowing you to match the colors, fonts, backgrounds, and company logo of your website, among other things.
  • All of the cart's variables are kept in an easy to edit plain text file called "vars.txt" in the cgi-bin.
  • All the text and phrases in the cart can easily be edited because they are kept in a plain text file called "lang.txt". This means the cart can easily be translated into any language.
  • No text link or credit to www.bluegalaxy.info/webshopsolution is required on the cart generated pages.
  • The cart will keep track of your shopper's orders. It will automatically calculate shipping costs and sales tax based on the shopper's shipping address and it will calculate any applicable discounts, coupons or gift certificate codes, providing a grand total for the shopper. All the customer has to do is select their shipping option and how they want to pay and the cart takes care of the rest.
  • You can set the amount of time that customer carts will last, allowing the customer to come back later today, tomorrow, or even next week!
  • The cart can send an itemized email receipt to both the shopper and the merchant after every transaction. Two email receipt templates are available with the possibility of more being added in the future. You can even have backup copies of all of your orders recorded to text files on your server, so you never lose an order!
  • The cart provides multiple payment options in order to be flexible for both the customer and the merchant. Any or all of the following 9 payment options can be enabled, allowing you to increase your web sales!:
    • Check and Money Order payment option
    • Secure Online Credit Card payment options (Up to four real-time credit card processors can be enabled in any cart!)
    • Credit Card Transaction via Telephone payment option
    • Cash on Delivery (COD) payment option
    • Online Check Draft payment Option
    • Custom payment option (create your own!)
  • Unlike some shopping cart systems, there is no limit to the number or types of products that you can sell on your website.
  • Add products to the cart from anywhere you want using HTML product forms, HREF links, or even your own product databases.
  • Products can have their own thumbnail images appear in the cart and can link to a larger image or back to the exact page where the customer found the product. This makes navigating your store that much easier.
  • The Web Shop Solution Cart comes with a password protected merchant "back-end" that allows merchants to manage their cart and use diagnostic features.
  • There are 9 different ways to have shipping calculated in the cart, groups of products can have their own shipping types, and the cart can mix and match shipping calculation methods. This makes the Web Shop Solution Cart a very powerful shipping calculator!
  • Any product can be excluded from shipping considerations with the inclusion of a "#noshipping#" tag in the product form or HREF link.
  • Merchants can elect to use either a select menu or radio buttons to display available payment options and shipping options in the cart.
  • The cart allows you to set up as many sales tax rates and locations as you need. There are 5 different sales tax options to choose from, including:
    1. Allow sales tax on subtotal based on shopper's shipping address.
    2. Force sales tax on subtotal, regardless of shopper's shipping address. (Perfect for VAT tax)
    3. Allow sales tax on subtotal and shipping charges based on shopper's shipping address.
    4. Force sales tax on subtotal and shipping charges, regardless of shopper's shipping address. (Perfect for VAT tax)
    5. Sales tax turned off.
  • Any product can be excluded from sales tax calculations with the inclusion of a "#nontaxable#" tag in the product form or HREF link.
  • Multiple discount features are available including a "Web Store Discount", coupon codes and gift certificates, and a "Volume Discount Pricing" feature that can be used in product forms or HREF links.
  • The cart works with a growing list of real-time credit card processors including CSI, InternetSecure, Cambist, Paypal, Verisign and Worldpay.
  • The cart allows merchants to ask shoppers "How did you find our store?" using either a select menu or radio buttons.
  • The cart will use the currency symbol you define, and the symbols you want to use as decimals and three digit separators in your currency. Examples:
    • $ 1,495.95
    • 1,495.95
    • 1.495,95
    • 1,495.00
  • The features of the cart are very well documented and support is always available if you have any questions.
  • Designed with security in mind, the cart can run in either "http" or secure "https" modes.
  • The cart was designed to include many conveniences for your customers, including:
    • Shoppers' payment and shipping option choices can be remembered the first time they enter the cart contents page.
    • Shoppers' shipping and billing addresses can be stored in a cookie so return shoppers don't have to type in their address every time they shop in your store.
    • A "Preview Checkout" page can be enabled so that shoppers can review their order before clicking the final submit button.
    • The Web Shop Solution Cart can track shoppers with or without cookies, and works in browsers with or without javascript enabled. If a shopper has cookies disabled, the cart will use their IP address, browser, and OS for tracking.
    • After a successful transaction, the customer gets a printable receipt page along with their email receipt from the cart.
  • The cart supports convenient "multi-item" forms that allow more than one product to be added to the cart with one click.
  • The cart has a "Cart Summary" feature that can be included on any webpage that can parse an SSI (Server Side Include) tag.
  • "View Cart" or "Cart Summary" links can be added to any web page.
  • The installed cart has a working built-in product form example that you can copy and paste into any webpage.
  • The cart can send out email using sendmail on Unix based servers and Blat on Windows servers
  • Any of the cart's submit buttons can be replaced with your own graphic submit buttons, making the cart very customizable!
And many other features are described here...

Unlike some shopping cart systems that charge a monthly or per-transaction fee, the Web Shop Solution Cart is a one time charge of $100, making it VERY inexpensive. We strive to continually add new features and enhancements to the cart in order to make it the best product available. Free software upgrades are included for six months after your purchase. After that, upgrades for newly added features are only $25. A discount package is available for web designers who will be adding shopping carts to many of their client's websites. For more details see Pricing and Ordering.

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